24 Great gifts for Valentine’s Day!
24 Great gifts for Valentine’s Day!
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24 Great gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s day can be tricky sometimes. But you know that at “Artist Love” we are here to help you!

Every time you are choosing a gift for someone, you should try to make it as personal as possible. But on Valentine’s day, this is even more important. Going from flowers to chocolates is not an option if you want to make her smile… And ties and funny socks won’t do the job if you want to surprise him.

Here are our best tips for your Valentine’s gifts :

  • Try to find something that is unique
    Poetry gifts are a very good idea for a romantic gift but you can also go for anything artsy. Look for items created by artists, something special that can’t just be bought in any store.

  • Go for items that are homy and personal
    Great Valentine’s gifts are personal. Choose something you can carry on yourself : a scarf, a bag, a perfume, a notebook or something that becomes part of her/his home : pillows, mugs, blankets, any type of sweet home decor.

  • Unique yes but don’t go too excentric
    Love is not a complicated feeling. Going too excentric may take the attention of that special person away from the main message conveyed by a Valentine’s gift. You are showing how much you love someone, not how crazy you are! 😉

  • Add something that is coming just from you
    It could be as simple as a little handwritten note that you hide inside a bag or a book. Put a sample of her/his favourite tea or candies inside a mug. Choose something that sings the song of a moment spent together. For example : the title of a book evokes some sweet personal memories, the art featured on an object reminds you of your first meeting.
    Add that little subtle touch that lights up everything!

  • Listen
    People are telling you what they like and what they want all the time. You just need to listen to them. Nothing is nicer than knowing that the people who love you are listening to you and know who you are. Surprise her/him with that piece of jewlery/home decor/art that was mentioned briefly or every day… 😉 Just listen… and everything in your relationships will start blooming..!

We wish you a very sweet Valentine’s day! It is the perfect moment to take the time to tell all your special people how much you love them. This year more than ever, this is the story we should tell.



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Comments (2)

  • Hi there!
    Love the poetry and design! I want to buy a bag + notebook for my wife for Valentine’s day but was wondering if it will arrive before February 14th?
    Could you give me some timeline?

    • Hi Alex!

      We’re very happy that you like Nejda’s poetry and gifts!

      As for a timeline for shipping, if you live in the US or Canada, you usually receive your orders from our store within a week – sometimes less, but count a week. If you live in Europe, orders take about 2 weeks to be delivered. This is what we are experiencing rigt now with Covid already slowing down a little bit all shippings.

      Since it’s Valentine’s day, shipping services may be a little bit overworking, so I would advise you to use the same timelines we’ve used for Christmas season: 2 weeks delivery for US and Canada and 3 weeks delivery for Europe.

      In any case, you are still in time to receive everything before Valentine’s day if you order now.

      Don’t forget to use coupon “VALENTINE” at checkout for a 20% off discount.

      Wishing you a very sweet Valentine’s day! et une Très belle Nouvelle AnnĂŠe!



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